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My Thoughts on wanting to be a Counselor

With the democratization of information through technology and globalization, I want to address the fact that some cultures seem to have more tools for coping and survival “in this day and age” than others.  And I want to be the conduit through which communities lacking access to such information can access. I’m intrigued by the idea of straddling both sides of a fence, since I have done it for so long from my position – whether it be economic, social, cultural or otherwise. Diversity is wonderful, but what about when it becomes divisive? Change is necessary, but what if one entity is ready for change while the other needs assistance adapting?  Time stops for no one. While education and information are available, there are still cultural barriers that stop people from seeking out or believing such information is useful and applying it to their lives. I.e. a lack of credence, adherence to long held cultural beliefs, religious beliefs, etc. Some view adopting certain changes as abandoning their culture, while other changes as simply adapting. Where is this line drawn? What doesn’t “feel right”? Is it determined on a case-by-case basis? I don’t want to get into a tedious, hair-splitting analysis of how culture is defined, but I know several factors influence it. Geographical location, neighboring influences, religion, time, economic conditions, identity informed by race. I want to say politics, but that seems to be a function and reinforcement of culture. Laws are a reflection of culture, what is considered appropriate and right at a national or governmental level is institutionalized. I do know that when I look out onto a horizon I think about what changes can be made to help certain groups of people. Beyond the 1st and 2nd level of Maslov’s (sp.?) hierarchy of needs. What drives me is the knowledge that it is possible to go without, without realizing you need something. You can destroy your life while in search for that missing piece of the puzzle, but still not realize what is wrong or missing. Its like feeling tired and needing a vitamin, but drinking coffee instead.


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